Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Woman steals children 31 years ago, media plays it down

So a woman who took her children away from her husband 31 years ago, a man who apparently had been having an affair (and no mention of being abusive) but the media play down the impact on the man or the children and don't even try to contact the women to find out whether they knew their father was still alive.

Remember, child abduction isn't considered an international crime if the 'abductor' is one of the parents because, and this is key, the majority of children who are abducted from the family and taken to other countries are taken there by their mother, NOT their father.

If there were more men than women, you'd bet there'd be a law against it.

What's interesting about the case involving the four Vincenti sisters is that even this article makes out as though the father had used the law to abduct the children, when he actually used the law to enforce his daughters being brought back after 2 YEARS when they were only supposed to be in Australia for a ONE MONTH HOLIDAY!

The media loves to tuck this information down towards the bottom of the article and if they bothered to actually report the whole story, they'd see that the mother had been using the media (and the girls) to try to negotiate a custody arrangement that suited her more because she's too busy to visit her OWN FOUR CHILDREN in Italy because, you know, work and University.

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