Sunday, January 8, 2017

Woman runs over partner, Australian media hides extent

So, here we have the unfortunate case of a woman by the name of Jess Lee Donker in Australia who allegedly ran her car into and killed her partner Richie Powell (the father of her two children).

Consider these three articles:

Nine news -

Daily mail -

Yahoo7 -

Now consider the difference in reporting information:

Nine news leaves out the woman's name and photo (even the Herald Sun had blurred her face in that family photo in the printed edition), whereas the Daily Mail included her photo and name.  Yahoo7 (late to the game) has almost the same information as the Daily Mail.

Nine news left out any mention of any argument between the couple and only characterized the relationship as "volatile", whereas the Daily Mail reported that Richie was walking along with his suitcase (a sign that he was leaving) and that witnesses reported that "she tried to run him probably five, six times".  Yahoo7 includes the quote, but includes a quote from police: "it appears that there may have been a number of events that led up to this incident" - translation: "the guy might have deserved it or antagonized the woman".

I wonder if this incident will be chalked up to violence against men, or just a simple driving accident.

I doubt we'll hear much more from this story as they'll probably bury it on page 10 as a foot-note, or feature it from the "she's a victim" angle and try to get her off on self-defense (I'll bet she even did 'defensive driver' training too).

If she does get sentenced, she'll get a four or five year sentence and be out in two with good behavior. Remember, her defense team will argue that taking her away from her children (who have already lost their father) would be too traumatic.

The MSM really is a thing of disgust sometimes and they don't even realise it.

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