Thursday, January 5, 2017

Four African Americans torture man for days in US vs white guy yells at foreigners

Four African Americans torture a (supposedly) mentally handicapped white man for days and their race is withheld from the article entirely and no photos of the perpetrators is included at all.  Note how they don't mention that the group was 50% female until about the 6th paragraph (but only if you can guess the genders of the names) and how it was only considered a hate crime because of the diminished capacity of the victim.  Had the poor guy just been white, then it wouldn't have been a hate crime.

Contrast that with the report of a white man who only verbally abused people in a park.  The report didn't point out that he's white, because they put both video and images of the man in the article.  The media even goes so far as to put up that he's "definitely a Pauline Hanson supporter".

Ok, so the next time I see a muslim of any kind giving a non-muslim a hard time about anything I'll be within my rights to call them ISIS supporters.  No, of course I wouldn't because that would be stupid and racist.

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