Thursday, January 19, 2017

How come she was even free to murder a 2nd person?

So here we've got the news that a woman in Austria is being moved to a men's prison, presumably because she's so dangerous.

What the report DOESN'T go into is how a woman who killed her husband by walking up behind him and shooting him in the back of the head before carving the body up and storing parts of them in the freezer and burying the rest under her ice cream shop was able to get away with the first murder.

Is this because the Austrian police didn't do their job?  Or they did their job and they're just hopeless?  Or because they let her off with a warning?  Or did they give her a pass because of her gender?

All we know is that she'd killed two men that, as far as we know, weren't bad people, yet the media isn't telling the story of either of the poor men who died at her hands (or gun), only their killer.

You can be sure if it'd been the other way around there would have been a national vigil for the poor dismembered female victims of a brutal serial killer.  No, these were just males who died at the hands of a woman, who, incidentally, is too dangerous to imprison with other women.

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