Thursday, January 12, 2017

The axe attack with conflicting media agendas

So a person attacked some people with an axe in a convenience store.  The media showed the video but didn't post any photos of the person who actually perpetrated the attack.

The story, however, has an interesting twist to it, which now how the media posting up photos and details about the person here and here.

So it turns out that the person is a woman named Evie Amati who was born a man named Karl and who transitioned from male to female four years ago.

Ah, how conflicted the media must be: "must hide gender if female", "must report if male", "wait, must defend if male who transitioned to female".

The first article basically lays out the whole defense for the perpetrator as though it's being paid to defend this individual.

Alternatively, I notice how no mention has been made about the increased rate of mental illness of people who transition genders, but then, the media has rarely been consistent.

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