Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Group of Sudanese men rob jewelry store at gunpoint, ethnicity held back in report until end

So, this is par for the course: a group of Sudanese men robbed a jewelry store in Melbourne yesterday (Wednesday 4th January).

The whole article goes the whole way through peppering throughout that all the perpetrators were simply "men", but it's not until the final sentence that we find out (assuming we're still reading) that the perpetrators were "of Sudanese appearance".  What a great example of the 4th paragraph!

I've got a novel idea for the newspapers: actually report the news without PC bias (or better yet, flip bias and go right-wing) and see your drop circulation reverse.

I know I will never buy a newspaper as long as they keep tweaking the news and omitting details so as to not offend certain non-white groups.  Had the perpetrators been white, that detail would have been in the headline or in the first few paragraphs.

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