Tuesday, January 24, 2017

UPDATE: Man severely injured by ex-wife "in self defense"

So here's the media reporting on the case of a woman who stabbed her ex-husband multiple times and cut him open, leaving his intestines hanging out "in self defense".

So the media is going full defense mode for this woman, starting with the emotive "I don't want mummy to go to jail" headline, right down to all the eye-witness reports claiming the guy brought the knife and came at her.

The guy may have brought the knife, but the mere fact that the media has brought together all of the 'facts' that make this guy bad and haven't mentioned a single detail from the other perspective, except that the guy was "upset that one of his daughters didn't want to see him".

Remember, the media lies by omission.  Hopefully the courts won't be reading reports from these people and will actually be presented with ALL of the facts.

Because we all know that reasonable self defense ALWAYS ends in people with multiple stab wounds and intestines hanging out..

UPDATE:  So it appears the courts have judged her guilty with sentencing pending.  Apparently she could be sentenced for as many as 10 years in jail.  Only right since he wasn't only left with his intestines hanging out, he also needed "hundreds of stitches", a minor detail that the previous news article failed to include.

NEW UPDATE:  The woman in question has been sentenced to five years jail, with a minimum sentence of three and a half years.  I guess that's what you get when you give someone a 15cm wound to their bowel and a 10cm wound to their chest.  The attack put him in hospital for 28 days, had him confined to a wheelchair for 4 months and required a total of 243 stitches (105 in his chest, 138 to other parts of his body).

Despite the full extent of the damage this woman caused, the media still tries to portray her as a kind and caring woman.  I surely can't be the only person sick of the media playing advocate for women who commit gross acts of violence whilst blaming men for everything.

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