Wednesday, January 18, 2017

So they each want a house of their own, not just a safe space to sleep

So, here we have a kind of Occupy situation going on in Melbourne at Flinders Street Railway Station, the major train station that's closest to the Australian Open courts.

Apparently these 'poor' people have repeatedly denied temporary assistance from the likes of the Salvation Army because they apparently deserve a house of their own, "all these people have to have a house, every single person here".

So they're holding the city to ransom so that each and every one of them gets handed a half-million dollar asset outright (because who is going to lend any of these unemployed people money) because it's the only way to move them on and they want it to be permanent, so nobody can give them a house to use for a year or two, they want to be looked after.

Notice that it's a HOUSE and not an apartment or a unit.  It's got to be a house for each and every one of them.  They may stick together now, but they're not prepared to share.

If the government does give them something, it'd set a dangerous precedent whereby young people, or indeed ANY people, can simply camp out at a major landmark until they get whatever they want.

The solution I think is to rent the entire site to Metro for $1 and then Metro will then have the ability to evict trespassers on private property.  But this sort of lateral thinking isn't going to be well received by Left-wing people, who incidentally aren't lining up to take in any of these people.

We can tell which side of the discussion the media falls on by the way that the ONLY photos we've seen of these people is of the blonde woman (we even know more about her story than anyone else there), despite homelessness being a predominantly male problem.

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