Monday, January 9, 2017

Nepalese man punches woman, media excuses

So here we've got another case of the media rushing in to defend a Nepalese man who, whilst drunk, punched a random woman he thought was attacking him.

Notice how the media starts off from the first paragraph describing how the poor otherwise innocent man punched a female bystander.

If the man had been white the case would have been reported as: "man assaults woman whilst drunk" and then towards the bottom of the article it would mention "he mistook her for one of the people attacking him".

So, what about the brawl?  Sounds like several women were involved, although we'll never get the full picture because the media has an addiction to hiding genders if women are involved.  If women weren't involved, then why would this man punch a woman if the brawlers were all men?

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