Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ramming a car into your spouse ok, if you're the wife

UPDATE: So it turns out the the media, the original purveyors of Fake News, got it wrong and that the poor suffering, jaded wife of a mean and nasty cheating husband got it wrong and that he wasn't cheating with another man's wife.

The woman who was driving the car that rammed the camper van has now been charged with "a series of dangerous driving offenses".  I still notice several inconsistencies in the story including why is the heading read "allegedly ramming husband's camper van" yet the description reads "also rammed the car of the woman she suspected of having an affair with her husband".  So she rammed two vehicles?  That's twice as many!  I guess if it has just been the husband's vehicle they were happy to write it off, but now that an innocent and unconnected woman's car has been intentionally assault, well, that's different!

Also, I had it when news websites can't even spell check, particularly when writing about my favourite "camper CAN":


So the media is reporting on a case where a woman who has found her husband cheating on her with a younger woman (the woman herself is 57 y/o, the younger woman is 40 y/o) and rams a ute into the van the husband and the younger woman are occupying.

The typical media virtually explains the older woman's reasons in the headline.

Had the genders been reversed the headline would have read: "Man being investigated for assaulting wife with car" and leaving the part about the cheating further into the article.

Interesting how, despite having VIDEO EVIDENCE of the wife 'allegedly' ramming her vehicle into another vehicle, the police aren't charging her with anything and are treating it as a domestic.

Had either the man or woman in the van gotten out at the wrong time they could have been seriously injured or killed from this angry woman's actions.

Here's a list of criminal offenses the woman could have been charged with, even without the husband or other woman wanting to press charges:
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving with the intent to cause injury
  • Endangering the lives of others
  • Attempted murder
There are probably others (and probably more correct terminology, I'm not a lawyer) but I just goes to show that when it comes to domestic violence, the media is only about reporting one side of it as serious, the other side is, apparently, comical.

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