Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Woman murder-suicides son, media defends her

So here's a story about a woman who killed her son, then sent her ex (the father of the now dead son) a message to come and get him, before killing herself for her ex to find.

Notice how the actual headline starts out defending the child killer: "She was a great mum".

No, great mum's don't kill their children.

Great mum's don't kill their children just to hurt the father of said children.

No, this was not a great mum, or even a good mum.  This was an evil woman who the media spends most of the article defending her actions or dismissing them as "she was just in an emotional place".

Notice that the 'report' doesn't even get to the detail that his ex-partner killed their son until about the 4th paragraph?  A person who stopped reading at the third paragraph could just about walk away thinking that the guy had found his son and ex dead from a home invasion!  Notice that it says they were "found dead".  The boy was found dead, so technically it's true, but what's held back is that the mother did it.

Consider the difference in reporting from that story to this story about Greg Anderson and Rosie Batty, with Greg being painted as violent, abusive and mentally imbalanced and is described in the headline as "killer dad" with the opening paragraph reading "he killed son Luke".  The other article takes until the end of the article to even use the word "kill" and does it in a throwaway manner that "she may have killed".

Maybe Greg was violent, abusive and all of that, although he's not here to defend any of the accusations thanks to a police officer who shot a man armed only with a cricket bat (hardly a weapon of mass murder).

Or, maybe like Matt Davis and Stacey Docherty, there's more to the story, the difference being that the media is happy to speculate on what drove Stacey to do what she did, whilst defending her as an otherwise "great mum", whilst no attempt at understanding or putting forward of any positive attributes of Greg are put forward.

This is because the old rule of "never speak ill of the dead" apparently only applies to women and left-wing people.  Left wing people and women should be treated as flawless saints when they die, with their memory being bullet proof.  Men and right-wing people are open for attack after death.

The problem with the media and people doing this so blatantly is that more and more people are waking up to the inequality and are starting to question the narrative.  It's only going to get worse from here as they'll double down.

Also, I highly doubt Matt Davis will become a paid for speaker on domestic violence of mental health issues of women any time soon, because despite the fact that more children are killed by their mothers than their fathers, women are still the overall victims.

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