Thursday, March 23, 2017

London attack, media hides motivation

Disgusting media is at it again, hiding the true motivations behind the attack by a Muslim man, attacking innocent Westerners just because he believed that they deserve it.

Notice they're quick to identify the man as "British born" and that it was a "lone wolf" attack?

Not ONCE do any of the following words appear in the article:
  • Jihad;
  • Muslim; and
  • Islam
They mention that the man was known to police and MI5 for his extremism.  What extremism might that be?  Was he an extremist My Little Pony follower?  Was he an extremist Star Wars fan?

One can't recognise a person for being an extremist without also identifying the concept to which they are extreme.  I might be called an extremist Capitalist, but if I were simply called and extremist, people these days are likely to assume that all extremism is religiously based.

I'm getting so sick of the media trying to hide all of these details and then wondering why things like Trump getting elected or Brexit happens.

Here's a little secret: because you're so far removed from the common person who is able to rationally identify the group who are overwhelmingly behind these attacks that they're also getting sick of the media pretending that there's nothing there.

That's the real danger here: the more the media tries to hide it, the more the public will seek out the truth from alternative sources, which carries the risk of being made up.  So if the media wants to get their credibility back, they'd better start reporting ALL of the facts, not just when the perpetrators is white and male.

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