Monday, March 13, 2017

First step in many - granting fathers less than half

So here we have a case of a threesome gone wrong, with the ex-wife (now in a lesbian relationship with the mother of the child) now awarded one-third custody of a boy.

One wonders why the woman, not the biological mother, even needed to be legally considered one since she's actually living with the biological mother anyway.

This obviously is a ploy to argue that the man's access to his son should be reduced since he's not half of the parenting equation, he's only a third.

Men, be careful with whom you have children and ALWAYS question the motives of any woman who accepts that you have a child with another woman whilst you're in a relationship with them.

Far too many men have been hurt by women who 'discover' that they're actually lesbians after they've had a couple of children with a man.

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