Thursday, March 16, 2017

Female author stabs man, media defends

So a woman has been sentenced to 13 years jail for stabbing her housemate 22 times, killing him.

Notice how the report leaves out that the 'author' is actually a woman in the title?  I guess it's kind of assumed given that the author was pregnant.

Then the report goes on to list out all of the reasons why she did what she did, thereby arguing that she's not really a bad person, she was just:

  • Hungry due to suffering morning sickness;
  • Pregnant;
  • Suffering withdrawal from alcohol and cannabis;
  • Angry that he hadn't been "providing for her like he promised"; and
  • Craving cigarettes.

It's interesting that she got such a long sentence, although I guess it'd be hard to defend killing someone.  I mean it's not like she permanently disfigured a man, put him in a wheelchair for 4 months and injured him with a knife so badly he needed 243 stitches.  She would have only been given 3 and a half years for that.

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