Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Former female PM to head anti-suicide organisation

So the news has just come out that former Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be heading BeyondBlue, an organisation trying to help people with depression.

Why am I concerned about this?  Well, suicide is overwhelmingly a male issue.  In a country where one third (about 32%) of domestic violence victims are male, yet the focus is solely on the female victims, it would stand to reason that in an issue where about 80% of all suicides are by males, then the focus should be predominantly on helping men.

I'm not saying that she can't do the job, I just think that with her track record for:

  • Removing any penalties on women who make false accusations in family court to get an advantage in custody disputes;
  • Bringing into law the Violence Against Women and Children Act - assumes in any violent relationship that the man is the perpetrator;
  • Felt the need to give buckets of public AUSTRALIAN money to island nations to help the women there with their careers, but only committed a paltry sum (by comparison) to help with male suicide; and
  • Changed IVF laws to allow single women and lesbians access to government subsidized IVF (I've really only got an issue with allowing single women to use it, but that's a story for another day).

Given that the first two items above have probably done more to cause more male suicides than any Prime Minister in quite a long time, I just don't see her doing anything other than try to shine a light on those poor forgotten women who committed suicide.

Time will tell how she commits her time, but I honestly think that this narcissistic person will hijack the organisation and make it, yet again, about the poor women.

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