Thursday, March 9, 2017

UPDATE: Muslims taking over public schools in Sydney

So here's a story about how 19 schools in Sydney have been identified as at risk for radicalization of Muslim students.

Think about that for a minute.  You send your child to a public school expecting there to be no religion, only to find that the place is run like a mosque.

This will only lead to non-Muslims taking their children out of the school and moving them to other schools, resulting in a rise in the percentage of Muslim students in the school.

Notice how the story doesn't get around to reporting that 19 schools are affected until the NINETEENTH PARAGRAPH!?!  The bulk of the story is about Punchbowl High School, leading the average reader to assume the problem only exists in one high school, when there are 18 other high schools with the same problem.

Now let's hear from Muslim apologists as they try to explain how "a little radical Islam never hurt any innocent people", because we all know that they don't define non-believers as 'innocent'.


So it looks like it's worse than previously thought: children as young as 11 years old are threatening to behead female teachers, threatening them for not letting them do what they want and walking out of lessons to go and pray.

Where are those Muslim apologists when you need them?  Simple plan: when the children turn 18 years old, ask them which country has their allegiance, Syria or Australia.  If they answer anything other than Australia, send them there with a one way ticket and cancel their passport.

We don't need people who hate us living here with, or even off, us.  If they love their 'home' country so much, why are they even here???


We're now asked to believe that the anti-radicalization programs the government is trying to implement are actually "playing into the hands" of radical recruiters.  I'm always surprised when the proposed solution to a growing problem is to stop trying to solve the problem.

The easiest solution is to identify the people doing the radicalizing and give them a one way ticket out of the country to a country that already lives by the set of religious rules that they're so keen to follow here.

I don't go to a hip hop club and try to get them to play country music, so why do Muslims get to come to Australia (or other western countries) and then demand their own bigoted beliefs be respected?

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