Thursday, March 23, 2017

Public lambasted for lack of intervention during attack

So the media has decided to call out people who "did nothing" while one young lady was being attacked.

Things that were noticed about the article:

  • The headline features that a young woman was viciously bashed, but only mentioned that the attacker was also a women later in the report.  Had the attacker been male, that detail would have been in the headline;
  • The attack was noted to have possibly been racially motivated and, even though we can see that the attacker is clearly not Caucasian in the video, race is otherwise left out of the article;
  • The victim is either Asian or dark haired Caucasian, so it won't be declared a hate crime.

Here's what we know about the media: had people around the area intervened and taken the attacker down, the video would have been edited to show a bunch of men (because women don't usually intervene physically) taking down a woman of a racial minority.

You want to know why people don't want to intervene these days?  Because we all know that the media can't be trusted to show the whole truth and are more than happy to edit videos to progress their agenda.

Better to just stay out of the videos altogether.

Fake media - helping to dissuade people from helping others for years!

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