Monday, March 20, 2017

Another car jacking by the usual suspects

So a couple of dark skinned men have cut a man with their machete before stealing his car.

The man has now moved his family out of the suburb and into hiding in a different suburb.

As usual, the media keeps back the racial identity of the perpetrators until the 7th paragraph, despite the photos clearly showing dark skinned men.

Australia is fast turning into South Africa, where carjackings are very frequent.  If only there were a group of people we could simply deport the first time they commit these kind of offenses...

I know, what about violent immigrants who don't follow the law and assault people!  We wouldn't have to separate out a group based on their skin colour, we'd judge them on their actions alone and we'd also be keeping our own citizens safe and making our country a safer place for it.

Nah, some leftist morons might consider a equal opportunity policy (commit a violent crime if you're an immigrant and get deported) to be racist, despite the same policy potentially be used against white immigrants.

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