Monday, August 31, 2015

Another woman seeking the father of her baby UPDATE: Hoax!

UPDATE:  Turns out that the whole story was a hoax, with the pitiful apology that followed linked here.

Not that she's sorry "IF people were misled".  Of course they were misled, because she told them an outright lie.  Misleading someone is saying something ambiguous and letting them draw their own conclusions.  She (and her cohort) lied to people as a marketing ploy.  There's no way anyone watched her original video and thought anything other than what she put out there.

This is fast becoming the boy who cried wolf territory, in that people will be far less likely to want to help out the next time a woman comes forward, like actually happened in Perth a while ago.

The people of Mooloolaba have every right to be upset about the representation of their area as it suggests that the whole marketing aspect is one of "come to Mooloolaba and have easy one-night stands with even easier women!"  Tries to make the area sound like some kind of debauched getaway.

ORIGINAL POST (unedited):

So here we have another woman, French this time, trying desperately to find the Australian father of her child.

Ok, so is the guy wealthy or have a high-paying job by any chance?

If he was the love of her life, why didn't she at least grab his phone number or email address at the time?  If he was so amazing, then why did she go home to France and not just stay?

Perhaps the pregnancy hormones are kicking in and she's putting more emotion into what was otherwise just a one night stand.

Remember, once the guy comes forward she can backtrack on her "love story", hit the guy up for child support and head back to France knowing she's covered.  It sounds harsh, but it's the truth.

Just like all those people who claim "I don't want anything from him", with the statement meaning "I don't want anything from him... at the moment in my current circumstances, but my circumstances may change and I reserve the right to change my mind at any time".

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