Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sperm Donors Anonymous documentary review

So I finally watched the Sperm Donors Anonymous documentary and I have to say that, whilst the overall documentary was pretty well edited, it was lacking in several parts.


The documentary features the stories of several donor conceived children looking for their 'donor father' and a donor himself hoping for contact from his 'donor children'.  It also features the story of the (non-biological) father of a couple of donor conceived children telling what it was like for him also.

By the end of the documentary [SPOILER ALERT] we see that the female donor child has made contact with her donor father, who is now apart of her life, one of the two male donor children makes contact and meets (off camera) with his donor father and the second male donor child makes contact but, because he's leaving the country he'll catch up some time next year.

Lack of conclusion:

I understand that all documentaries need to set an end-date to their coverage, but seriously, you follow the story of a guy who is looking for his donor father, finally finds him, makes contact but then leave it at "he's got rough plans to meet him some time next year next time he's in Australia".

The producers obviously edited the whole thing to make the viewer feel sympathetic to how desperately the donor children feel in needing to find their donor father only to have one of their subjects decide "I was desperate to find this guy, but it's a little inconvenient to do this any time this year so I'll get back to it some time next year".

How are we supposed to believe that it really meant anything significant to a guy that treats the whole thing like refilling a prescription.  "Yeah, I need this drug, but I'm a bit too busy this week so I'll just go next week".  This all playing out after following all of the supposed emotion of him wanting to meet his donor father.

Lack of balance in reporting:

Now, I never expect anything from the ABC to present everything that doesn't follow their agenda, but seriously, the closest we got to a balanced documentary on this was a single line from one of the donor fathers interviewed saying "we were promised anonymity".  That was in with all of the other stuff about how excited all of the donor fathers are to meet their 'children'.

Where are the blacked out faces of the guys who are saying they're angry that the government is retroactively removing their anonymity?  Where is the guy saying that he doesn't want to meet any 'children' and having the government force this on him is an invasion of his privacy?

The whole tone of the documentary was summed up when one of the other female donor children, who only has a couple of minutes featured, talked about how she tried contacting her donor father and how he must be some sort of coward for not wanting to meet with her.

That's right, it's the Left's favourite tactic of "you either agree with what we're trying to do or you're a heartless bastard and, if you happen to be a sperm donor and don't want contact with your 'children', you're a cowardly heartless bastard".

Overall, I guess I was expecting a bit better journalism from a government funded network showing a bit of balance, but I probably expected too much.

Watch it if you want, but I wouldn't waste my time if I were you.

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