Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Girl charged with manslaughter of guy's suicide, it's still the guy's fault

So here's a story about a girl who goaded a guy into committing suicide before running a fundraiser to raise money to help people who are contemplating suicide.

So, her lawyer is claiming that since the guy killed himself she remains completely blameless.  If the genders were reversed would that still apply?

I highly doubt it!


So, after the whole trial and the judge declaring the girl guilty, she only get sentenced to 2.5 years jail, with a minimum sentence of 15 months.  That's right, she pushed a guy to commit suicide and was only sentenced to a minimum of 15 months jail.

One wonders how much of that time will be deemed "time served".  Will she actually be getting out of jail in a couple of months?

Absolutely disgusting.

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