Monday, August 17, 2015

Sperm Donors Anonymous airs tonight

So the ABC (or as I sometimes call it Almost Basically Communism) has a documentary airing tonight about sperm donation called 'Sperm Donors Anonymous'.

I'll have to watch this show, but knowing what the ABC is like (and how the article telling about the show) it'll feature a whole heap of guys who were promised anonymity who are now "overjoyed with the thought of meeting their donor children".

On the other hand, the main guy who they seem to interview for the article does a bit of unintentional 'black-knighting' when he suggests that the freedom to contact should go both ways - ie that donors should be given their donor children's details as well.

I fully support this for a couple of reasons, one being that it'll make people realize that an adult turning up out of the blue and proclaiming you 'their biological father' can be stressful to many people.

But, we all know the freedom of information wouldn't happen both ways because you'd be potentially creating stress for women (single women or lesbian partnerships) and the government will do anything they can to minimize stress for women, but men can just suck it up.

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