Monday, August 17, 2015

So media is already pushing for yet more access!

So the bulk of vocal sperm donated children are getting what they want: access to their donor parent's details.

However, for children born to donors between 1988 and 1998 they'll have to follow a set of rules that states that they will comply with the contact preference (by phone, in person or not at all) or face a $8,856 fine.

So, if a donor who donated between those years who opts to not be contacted at all and the donor child does anyway, they get fined only $8,856.

Does the money paid in the fine go to the donor whose privacy been ignored?  No.

But the media, always on the side of the left, is already putting in a little dig to suggest that donor children who ignore a legal document should see no consequence with this line: "the move to impose fines on anyone who breaches a contract preference could also expose the government to claims of hypocrisy, given Labor is in the process of repealing similar fines put in place by the Coalition to protect adopted children from being contacted by their biological parents without full consent".

I guess that's the standard tactic of the left: promise those who are losing something (in this case their privacy) that if the people who don't agree to follow your preferred method of losing said something then they'll be fined.  Then after a period of time remove the fine altogether and it's open season on people taking things (like your privacy) from you.

Who in their right mind would sign up for sperm donation in the current climate?!?

Sure, you could have a fine upstanding citizen show up on your doorstep in 20 years time.  You could also wind up with an ICE addict looking for a place to crash because their 'real' parents have kicked them out.

Seriously, when are we going to see SOME measures put in place to protect at least the families of sperm donors.  How about at the very least raising the age they can access your details to 30 years old and only if you've got no criminal convictions.  If you have criminal convictions then it's for the donor whose details you want to access to decide if he's happy for you to still contact.

"Yes, I'm fine with son A contacting me because he's only been charged with shoplifting once, which was 5 years ago.  I'm NOT fine with son B contacting me because he was arrested for dealing ICE in night clubs last week and I've got children of my own who I don't want to expose them to that element."

It would be good to at least have that option, however I don't think we'll see that any time soon.  At least not as long as we keep seeing documentary after documentary about how all of these men who donated anonymously are just so excited to meet their children!

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