Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ms Gillard says gay marriage now ok

So, Australia's former Prime Minister (and super feminist) Julia Gillard, unshackled by possibly upsetting constituents, is free to promote gay marriage, an institution that she herself hasn't partaken in because she believes "marriage was a patriarchal institute".

This from a person who, as Prime Minister, has been rated dead last in out of an opinion poll for the best Government for the country.  Perhaps she didn't want to rattle too many cages at the time as she was so unpopular.  Must be the misogyny of 88% of the population (8% were undecided).

Sounds like Labor is desperately latching onto a single election issue.  The next election might not be until 2017 (or late 2016), but that's not going to stop the Labor party from laying the groundwork now.

I wonder if we'll see pro-gay marriage people abusing anyone who disagrees with them in Australia like they had in Ireland?

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