Monday, August 31, 2015

Don't Waste Donate removes comments - EDIT

So, after over 6 months of no response to any of my questions, the Don't Waste Donate website has completely removed all comments from their FAQ section.

I notice now they've got various information about how the donor isn't legally the father, the woman's husband or partner is (unless he didn't consent to the procedure).

So, for any woman out there seeking to snag a man the old-fashioned way, don't be so sure.

Although, I highly doubt it would stand up in a court of law for the poor unsuspecting husband, as most governments only give 'fathers' 12 months to find out.  After that time the family courts usually take the view the the child has bonded with the 'father' and it's too late for him to walk away.

I wonder if we'll ever hear about any cases where that happens or, knowing the media's choice for biased reporting, whether they just brush stories like that under the carpet.

EDIT - re-reading the above, given that medical records are sealed, even from spouses (I know this from trying to get the results of a simple test on behalf of my wife!), how would a husband be able to confirm whether or not his wife had used a sperm donor without getting the courts involved?  It's one of those "you'll have to start WWIII to find that out" things, so even asking the question is a problem.

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