Sunday, September 6, 2015

So there IS a story about a sperm donor who doesn't want to be known

Here's a story about a guy whose sperm has been used to create as many as two dozen children and who doesn't want to be found.

Amazingly this story didn't make it into their scrolling headlines, although we all know stories the media really wants to keep telling.

Notice how his wife has sufficient concerns that she wants to move interstate?  Also notice how the article has videos linked that have absolutely nothing to do with the article?  Would the media put meaningless videos through an article about the violent death of a woman?  NO!

On the plus side, perhaps this will lead to some kind of engagement with prior donors about how to best proceed, but the reality is the government will throw concerns like the guy (and his family) above out the window in the "best interests of the child".

On what planet do people have to live on to seriously believe that not a single child conceived through sperm donation will want any money from their donor, will not be a danger to their donor and is happy just to meet them once?

When will the government consider the lives of the donors instead of taking the popular option?!  We all know that we'll probably never hear about a donor conceived child assaulting their donor because that would go against the media's agenda.  Either that or, like this article, they'll be safely tucked away on a website you'd have to click five associated stories links to get to!

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