Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Elderly man attacked by two girls and a boy, media hides details

So, a 77 year old man has been brutally bashed by three teenagers: two girls and a boy.  It's interesting that the following things are noted about the article:

  1. The article itself did not make any of the headlines, only tucked away in other news.
  2. The headline focuses solely on the fact the man was bashed.
  3. The article takes until the 5TH PARAGRAPH to mention the genders of the perpetrators involved, specifically because two of the three perpetrators are female.
  4. The article is quick to point out the gender of the WOMEN who came to his aid after he was assaulted.  Usually, if assistance is given by men they're simply referred to as 'good Samaritans'.
  5. The article then only lists the details of the male offender, who it refers to as the "main attacker".  No details of either of the girls, even though his account clearly states that he was attacked by two people at the same time, causing him to fall.
  6. The lack of mentioning of any of the attackers being white, coupled with the description of the attacker having "short, dark hair", suggests that the attackers are all of a minority, but the media is suppressing that detail because they fear backlashes.

We can't expect too much from the media.  They're so busy trying to demonize white men that they've clearly forgotten how to report all of the details.  It's a pity that the Government is beholden to the PC crowd, because an independent audit of the media would show clear bias against white men.

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