Friday, September 18, 2015

No sympathy for abused man who murdered, only jail time

So here we have a case of a man who lost control because of a comment his partner made causing him to lash out.

What's interesting is that we know that, had the genders been reversed, a woman who kills a man because of having been molested as a child would have been given a lighter sentence.  Well, even lighter than the sentence she would have received for being a woman in the first place.

So, despite the fact that the guy had shown remorse and had good prospects for rehabilitation, he must serve a minimum of 15 years jail, meaning he won't get out until he's 60 years old.

What use is a 60 year old man who has spent the last quarter of his life in prison?

Whilst I don't condone violence of any kind and it's no justification for his reaction, it was clear that the woman was erratic and was seeking to antagonize the guy.

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