Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Man gets scarred, media plays it all down

So a man has been severely injured by his girlfriend in a clear act of domestic violence, only to not only have the media play it all down, but also for the woman to not receive any jail time.  Standard.

The whole article, despite being about a man who now has injuries to his genitals that are estimated as going to take two years (!) to heal, the whole article is basically saying the guy had it coming in a round about way and playing the whole thing down.

If the genders were reversed and it was the story about how a man branded his girlfriend's breasts because she cheated on him, the whole article would focus on the plight of abused women.

Oddly enough, the video at the top of the article was about the plight of abused women (not men like the guy in the article) and detailed the government's plan to make violence against women comparable to violence against police officers - very heavily punished.  So, the fact that men are attacked in Australia more than women overall just means that we really are becoming second class citizens.

The only mention of domestic violence in the whole article is the listing of hotlines for domestic violence at the bottom, which surprisingly also includes one for men!

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