Monday, July 31, 2017

Why should an ex-wife care

Here's an article in which the ex-wife of Karl Stefanovic has spoken about how she's not happy that her ex-husband is seeking to get his vasectomy reversed so he can have children with his new partner.

Why would she care?

Could it be that she wanted more children and he wanted to stop at three, so him going on to have more children with another woman is a slap in the face?  Possibly.

Or, could it be that the child support payments to her would go down with every child he has with a new partner?  Probably more likely.

Having seen women get angry that their ex-partner "only had children to pay less child support" (yes, that's what's going through every man's head when he has children), it doesn't surprise me that the level of entitlement of some women will never cease.

It doesn't matter if his new partner is pushing him to have more children, all that matters is that this is a scorned woman who thought she'd locked in her now ex-husband into only being a provider for her children.

Having seen adult children left out of the will of their parents estate by new partners, I'm surprised the media doesn't make a bigger deal about this, but of course they won't, primarily because it's usually women making off with the money since it's usually a younger woman than it is the man and women usually live longer.  Those two factors alone mean that, excluding divorce, when two people get married, it's usually the husband who dies first, leaving everything to his wife.

I previously wrote about how it was reported that supposedly Karl was paying through the nose to have access to his children, so it's not surprising that it's never enough.


  1. Mate I'm with you most of the time I think your a bit harsh he left her of course she is upset
    He blew up a family and paraded around like a goose have some decency and respect

    1. Decency and respect? He found another woman and started dating her. It was the media (paparazzi) seeking him out, photographing him and reporting on him that made it seem like he was parading around with his new girlfriend.
      He didn't go on his show (at least as far as I'm aware) and rub it in his ex-wife's face about his new relationship, he'd moved on and his only two interests were to keep seeing his children and his new relationship.
      I'd happily agree with you if you could find a place where Karl himself had goaded or taunted his ex-wife with his new relationship.
      Also, why should it matter what Karl does after the divorce?
      A man wouldn't care if his ex-wife had breast implants put in after a divorce, so why should a woman care what her ex does?
      Look, it's probably just the media blowing up one comment that she made, but the reality is that the only sensible answer to any questions about Karl posed to his ex-wife is "what Karl does with his life is his business, not mine".
      This is as much about the media over-analyzing comments (which I guess I'm also guilty of here), but given the public nature of the breakup, I think that both of them would be more discreet with their opinions of each other.