Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Channel Seven lawsuit outcome

So the woman at who claimed a great many things after her two year affair ended with a Channel Seven heavy, is reportedly dropping the case and is expected to pay Channel Seven's legal fees.

Well, she did try to play the media (not a great idea when you're trying to play the media against the media), by all accounts took far more than any reasonable person could have expected to get in settlement and then, despite having been paid off with non-disclosure agreements in place, disclosed company information, presumably in the hopes of gaining support for her case.

Of course, whilst her initial case was given all the coverage of a visiting Royal, something tells me that now things haven't been found in her favour (possibly due to her actions) the whole thing will be swept under away quietly.

If reports of her having to pay Seven's legal fees are true, I'll bet she'll be wishing she'd quit whilst she was ahead.

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