Monday, July 3, 2017

Police searching for woman who abducted 6 year old girl

I guess it's hard to hide that a woman was involved in a serious crime like abducting a child when the only person (of three) who is known is a woman.

Notice how it's not until the 3rd paragraph that it's identified that they're looking for a woman primarily.

Not much is known about the situation, but given that someone knew the name of the woman, but not the men, suggests that the woman was known to the family, but the men might have been hired muscle.

Personally, I would have lead with "a X-year-old woman named Y and two men are wanted for the abduction of a 6 year old girl", not this pussy-footing around about "we're searching for a girl... she may be at significant risk... oh, and the main person we're looking for is...".

A little girls safety (and possibly life) is at stake here.  Can the media put down their PC agenda for ONE FREAKING MINUTE and get the message out there NOW.  As it stands, a person has to actually click on the link to the article to get the photo and name of the woman in question.

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