Sunday, July 23, 2017

Male rape victim, 4th paragraph again

So, here's a case of three men who put a bottle up another male's back side being reported in the news.

As per my usual statement of the 4th paragraph, the term 'rape' is thrown around a lot, the fact that all the perpetrators are male is introduced very early on (opening sentence even), however true to form for the media, the simple fact that the victim was also male doesn't appear in the article until the 3rd paragraph.

  • 1st paragraph - "unconscious teenager"
  • 2nd paragraph - "a 19-year-old"
  • 3rd paragraph - "the man"

I know it's not technically four paragraphs, but come on, they could have mentioned that the victim was male very easily in every paragraph, but chose to withhold that because the media likes to only report when women or minorities are victims and when men and whites (or both) are the perpetrators.

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