Monday, July 3, 2017

AFL Diversity Manager coward punch

Only time will tell if the AFL does anything to their Diversity Manager because of violence.

I guess like his brother, the former CEO of Australia Post, there aren't going to be as much scrutiny as there would be if a white person had done the exact same thing.

By the way, in my opinion what the CEO of Australia Post got away with in terms of being able to get a 'donation' paid to a foundation run by his family is far worse than hitting someone.  Although, hitting someone when you're supposed to be setting an example is always worse than if you're just some guy.

A bit like how the media holds up Right-wing politicians to higher standards to Left-wing politicians.  It's almost like having standards means you are going to be held to them.

Maybe that's the problem here: nobody has any standards and, therefore, they can't be held to anything.

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