Thursday, November 12, 2015

Woman divorces husband, gets house and car yet still not enough

So, here's the unfortunate story of a woman who got divorced from her husband (no mention of who initiated the divorce, but statistically speaking it's most likely her) who, despite getting the house and the car, still thought she got a raw deal.

Why is she surprised that if she got the house and the car that she'd also get the bills for said house and car?  Did she honestly think her ex-husband was going to keep paying the bills, even if he's not living there?

There was no mention of child support, which we know is mandatory in the US, so whilst she's living 'hard' in what could be an expensive house (the more your house is worth, the bigger the bills are!) and presumably getting child support, it's still not enough.

Oh, and women have a hard time after divorce.  Must be that gender pay gap again.

Hopefully this story sends a message to women considering divorcing their husband for no reason.  Probably won't though.

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