Monday, November 16, 2015

New Muslim political party

So, there's now going to be a Muslim political party in Australia to represent the 500,000 Muslim Australians (although this would only be true if Australia had 29 million people).

It's interesting to note this because in Islam they don't believe in democracy, only in the rule of Islam, so technically by voting for one of their own, they're not following Islam.

I'd like to know who is criticizing Islam for 'not being loud enough', as this guy supposedly claims.  If anything, Muslims are overly loud based on the numbers of people in their religion (they're only 1.7% of the population).  We don't have a Buddhist party, we don't see Buddhists telling Australians that they deserve to be in Australia less than Buddhists and we certainly don't hear about Buddhists telling us they're going to take over our country and install their own brand of religious laws (Sharia).

Of course, maybe that's just because Buddhists are more subtle about how they take over, but I doubt it.

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