Monday, November 2, 2015

Apparently men say they want women who are smarter than themselves...

Here's a study that should come as no surprise, concluding that men aren't attracted to women who are smarter than they are and women are attracted to men who are more powerful.

It's interesting to note that the men in the study are supposed to have said they wanted a woman who was more intelligent than themselves, which I find pretty far-fetched.  Most men I know want to be with a smart woman, but that doesn't automatically mean that she's got to be smarter than he does!

There's no surprise about women saying they don't care about status when they really do.  I can't remember how many women I was rejected by who "just wanted a nice guy" who'd then give me the usual excuses for why they didn't want to date.  I guess they meant "I just want a nice guy with a great job, awesome body and his own house", but that doesn't quite roll off the tongue.


  1. what a ridiculous study. when the girls outperformed the men in the room, the guys weren't attracted to them. of course not, they were competing against each other. but when the men were asked if a hypothetical girl who was smart was attractive they said yes. but these "researchers" twist everything.

    sure, a smart girl would be nice, but no man wants to compete with a girl. they don't understand what we find attractive in a girl, it is not some girl we have to compete with.

  2. It is possible, however, that they asked a bunch of metrosexual men what they thought they wanted, then when the tests didn't show that they've held up the discrepancy as "look, men aren't honest about what they're really looking for too!"

    Does a man want an intelligent partner? Yes, but only so intelligent. Too much intelligence, in either gender, is a turnoff, especially if they feel the need to go around showing off to people around them.

    I know a couple of women who are in their mid-30s who are all very intelligent. They're also all still single. Now, from there perspective I'm sure there's a shortage of suitable men. As an outsider looking in there's a possibility that they've set their respective bars too high.

    Of course the reality is that it'll only be once they're in their 40s that the choices they've made will become obvious to them.