Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Outcry over lesbians being asked to make room for married couple

So, there's outcry over a lesbian couple being asked to move seats to make space for a married couple.

Interestingly there aren't any people coming forward saying "married couples should get preference in seating over unmarried couples, which is what happens whenever single males are asked to move away from children on flights.

I think the fact that one of the lesbians is a lawyer is the reason why the outcry.

I've been moved several times on flights, sometimes to make room for families, other times to move me away from children.  I've never complained as I've always feared being blacklisted by airlines for future travels.

The airline that I'll never fly with again is Emirates, despite their flights sometimes being cheaper.  Whilst I don't mind being moved much, I REALLY don't like being treated like garbage and a pedophile even though I'm a paying customer.

Ironically, Qantas partnered with Emirates, so I probably won't be flying Qantas on overseas flights for concerns I may find myself once again in the 'hospitality' of an airline that treated me extremely poorly.

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