Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Conversation goes full Left-wing on Islamic attacks

So, the 'news' website The Conversation has decided to go full retard follow the Islamic attacks in Paris, first by publishing an article stating that resisting xenophobia might stop terrorism because stopping migrants won't.

Then, to boot, they followed up with an article about how some countries are favouring Christian migrants (you know, the ones being beheaded) over Islamic ones (the ones belonging to the 
'religion of peace' doing the beheading).

I've got to say, I've seen some far-left wing articles on that website, but I honestly believe they just went full Left-wing (you NEVER go full left-wing) and doubled down on what is completely the wrong time.  It'd be like the American Rifle Association choosing to hold a pro-gun rally after over 300 people have been shot and over 100 people have died.

I honestly think that the Conversation has truly lost the plot and both of those authors need to be relieved of their positions, both at the website AND at the Universities at which they preach work.

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