Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Woman who killed eight children probably not going to be punished

So Raina Thaiday, the woman who killed seven of her own children and one child of another family, probably won't be punished because she thought she was saving them.

But don't worry, she's being treated now and is allowed out into the hospital grounds despite having two relapses since being taking into custody.

Her schizophrenia, brought on by excessive cannabis use, was to blame, she's just an innocent victim in all of this.

Don't worry though, she's being treated.

Just forget about any kind of punishment of any kind because it's not like cannabis is illegal or that it's not her fault that she used to smoke more of it in a day than most people see in a lifetime.

It's also not like we force schizophrenic people from being treated, so I guess that's 'punishment' enough.

So I guess our benevolent lawmakers are happy to chalk all of these deaths up to mental illness and not Domestic Violence.  Because it's not socially acceptable to show a woman committing Domestic Violence.

I wonder how many cases of man on woman Domestic Violence could be discounted if they were allowed to do the same.  But we all know that the anti-male establishment wouldn't allow that.

I'll put money on her ending up with a lucrative government position as a spokesperson for mental illness and wind up as Australian of the Year, a bit like Rosie Batty.  Ironically, if they don't count Thaiday's victims deaths as Domestic Violence, then we can't count Luke Batty's death either, since his father had a history of mental illness.  There surely can't be one rule for men and another for women, can there?

I don't know what makes me more sick, the media excusing some of the most inexcusable actions of women (not one word of the article does anything other than try to explain how it wasn't her fault) or the legal system being 'compassionate' to women, deciding that she shouldn't receive any kind of punishment, not even for endangering children when she was smoking the excessive amount of cannabis that resulted in the condition that contributed to eight deaths!

The simple fact is that the media has an agenda, that gender is to paint men as violent and women as victims.  But if we're comparing Greg Anderson to Raina Thaiday, the score is 1-8, but I don't see a SINGLE MAN being promoted to the level Rosie Batty is for what Raina did.  But I guess Greg is an easier target for allegations for what transpired in the lead up to that fateful date, since dead men tell no tales.

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