Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Anti-vaccination people forced underground

One really does have to wonder why, if we actually have freedom of speech, that people who want to see a documentary on the 'dangers of vaccinations' have to do so in secret.

Now, I'm all for vaccinations (my daughter has had all of them, but I'm so sick of people trying to make out that people who CHOOSE not to vaccinate their children are evil.

Much like how Medical companies have big funds set aside for compensation claims for people whose children have negative effects (why would they do that if the vaccinations were 100% safe?), the people who don't vaccinate are choosing to play the lottery the other way.

Are they putting other people's children at risk?  Maybe.  Are they putting their own children at risk?  Maybe.

Does the medical industry pretend like there's no risk?  Surprisingly, especially given how parents are expected to sign a waiver prior to being given the vaccination for every set of them.

I guess that's where the compensation fund comes in.  You're only signing away for mild side-effects like fever and illness.  If side-effects like death, disability or Autism were on the list, then you can bet your bottom dollar that:
  • People wouldn't choose to vaccinate
  • People who did vaccinate wouldn't have a right to compensation ("you signed it!")

Remember, you can only sign away your right to compensation for side effects they tell you about.  Anything else is fair game.  The difficulty is proving that your otherwise healthy and active child changed after the vaccination.

I was particularly annoyed when medical staff tried to claim my daughter's reaction "must have been something she ate", even though the rota-virus vaccine was THE ONLY common factor in her short term (as far as we know) symptoms.

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