Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Waleed makes fun of Pauline Hansen, misses the point

So Waleed Aly is making fun of Pauline Hansen for asking Australians to buy non-Halal certified chocolate to not support the Islamisation of Australia.

However, anyone who knows what she's complaining about isn't whether it's Halal by virtue of what it is, it's whether the company that manufactured it has paid extortion money to Islamic groups and passed that cost onto consumers who don't care.

The concern is that it's a covert Jizya (a Muslim tax on non-Muslims).  We shouldn't pay any price for companies to be extorted for the religious beliefs of others.  Do we pay for foods to be Kosher certified too?

That is THEIR belief and, as Waleed has quite rightly pointed out, if the chocolate is vegan anyway, paying someone to certify something that is already Halal is like paying PETA to certify that peas and carrots are vegan: it's obvious to the people who know, it's irrelevant to people who don't care and people who don't care shouldn't be forced to pay ANY money to a religion to which they don't belong.

But don't worry, the media has Waleed's back: they'll continue to mock Hansen on his behalf.

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