Tuesday, April 11, 2017

United Airlines vs Emirates

So Emirates have decided to take a swing at United Airlines whilst United is under siege for dragging a man off an overbooked flight.  I somehow doubt that they'd have dragged a woman off a plane in the same manner.

Personally, I don't like either airline.

United Airlines treated my friends and I like suspected terrorists on every single internal flight we took whilst travelling around the USA.  This meant that they took everything out of our bag, felt us up and then ordered us on our way.  This system only worked to our benefit in Las Vegas, where we didn't have to wait the whole line to then wait in a second line, we just got felt up straight away.

Once I got on the flights, they were actually ok.

Also, on my flight back to Melbourne they announced that the flight had been overbooked and offered to put up anyone who was prepared to stay in a hotel overnight and fly them business class the next day.  There were people LINING UP to volunteer!  I would have taken them up on the offer, had I not been due back in Melbourne for work two days later.

Emirates, however, treated me like crap on connecting flights from London to Melbourne via Dubai.

The reason?  Because I was a single male travelling on his own, which meant that I was a 3rd class citizen, that I should move when told to, that I could be yelled at by passengers and staff who weren't aware that my moving was because I'd been told to and even that they refused to take away my food tray (and the trays of my fellow single men) well after meal time was over and the lights had gone out.

Given that my crappy flight with Emirates was around the time airlines were flexing their muscle on flying bans, I wasn't about to kick up a big stick about how I was treated, since I still wanted to travel and didn't want to find myself stuck somewhere unable to fly.

If you ask me, I wouldn't want to fly with either, but United Airlines treatment of me was due to over-the-top security.  Emirates were just being horrible people.

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