Thursday, February 23, 2017

Woman defrauds men for $2 million, gets 18 months minimum

So a woman has defrauded multiple men out of more than $2 million, yet only gets 18 months jail minimum:

Contrary to what I normally do, I've posted the full link to the article because, as people will notice, the link itself reads "Sydney lonely hearts fraudster gets 6 years", which isn't even half true as the full sentence is only three and a half years, with a minimum sentence of 18 months.

As usual, the media focused solely on the poor woman, what drove her to doing it (she's a mother of four and takes care of her mother and brother) yet doesn't mention the impact on a single one of the victims, who may never get their money back since this poor woman is supposed to have spent the "money on cocaine, gambling and building a house".

This other 'news' website reports that she also spent the money on plastic surgery and cars.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but only one of those three things even remotely relates to taking care of anyone.  Gambling and using cocaine never helped raise children or look after relatives.

She really isn't a victim at all.  As usual, the stories of the real victims here, the men, will never be told by the media, who never want to paint men as victims or women as perpetrators, so will avoid it as much as possible.

Compare the 18 month sentence to the four year jail sentence issued to a man who 'only' stole $80,000 from 87 victims on Gumtree.  The difference was that this man had no contact with his victims, didn't continually lie to them, only the main lie that he was selling something that he didn't have.  So woman steals $2 million and gets 18 months jail, man steals $80,000 and gets 4 years jail.

I guess that's equality.  Feminists must be outraged!

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