Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rosie Batty twisting more words and family court reformation

So, Rosie Batty is at it yet again now making accusations against her now-dead ex partner of viewing child pornography.

She goes onto state that she "found out" that he had charges pending against him for view child abuse videos in a public library.  Because women in custody battles NEVER make false accusations against their exes.

I'm only skeptical of this new report because in every interview she's ever given her big point that she made that her ex was an otherwise good father and most certainly never mentioned something as serious as allegations of child pornography.

Isn't it just fantastic that these allegations have surfaced just in time for her to be a (presumably paid) speaker at world conference on families of sex offenders.  I guess just being a (paid) spokesperson for Domestic Violence doesn't get enough (paid) speaking engagements.

Isn't it also great that her ex isn't alive to defend himself against every accusation she's throwing at him and that the police aren't likely to come out and say her claims are false.  The guy either doesn't have any remaining family of his own or they're too afraid to call out the PR juggernaut that is Rosie Batty on what is either something that has never been mentioned in the past, or is a complete fabrication.

This woman has been through a tragedy, but seriously, the next thing she'll be accusing him of is child sex trafficking and scalping AFL Grand Final tickets!

Her previous position on domestic violence was that her ex murdered her son despite not prior history of any violence, which was used as the war cry for women's groups to argue that "lack of history of violence should not be considered a reason not to keep men away from their children".  But if what Batty is now claiming is true, then her ex DID have some black marks against his name and can no longer be held up as an example of men killing their children out of nowhere.

Please note, that at the time of writing this it is completely legal for women to make false accusations against men in family court.  By legal I mean that there are NO repercussions and no penalties.  Obviously they SAY women aren't allowed to do it, but if they're found to be lying, there are no penalties, so effectively it's legal.

There's even a petition on Change.org fort he reformation of Family Law Court that already has almost 1,200 signatures about it.  Interestingly enough, it's been started by a woman.

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