Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Islamic school in Adelaide facing closure

An Islamic school in Adelaide faces closure after having $4.5 million of government funding pulled.

Does the completely fair and impartial media describe at all where the $4.5 million of South Australian government money (there also more Federal money going there too) is really going, if it's not going towards the education of the students?  No.

We're left to believe that the government of South Australia is targeting a poor innocent Muslim school.  They also contain a quote from a person (presumably the parent of a student) that has NOTHING to do with the fact that the money being given to the school to EDUCATE THE STUDENTS isn't being used for that purpose!  They're trying to claim to be victims of some kind of threat against their safety, but are supposedly taking MILLIONS of dollars of government money in the name of education but aren't spending where they're supposed to.

If the money isn't being used correctly, why isn't the media investigating where the money is supposedly going?  Oh wait, can't be shining any light on anything associated with THAT religion!

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