Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Muslim teen only sentenced to 5 years for trying to blow up bomb in Melbourne CBD

So, here we have yet another example of integration failure where a 'teen' (who is 18 but can't be named for legal reasons) has been sentenced to 5 years 3 months jail for trying to set off a bomb in crowded part of Melbourne CBD.

Now, I know that we can't know his name, but surely we can know whether or not he was a recent arrival from the Middle East or not, but the article doesn't mention his religion, race or country of origin.  About all we get is that he'd been in contact with a Jihadist.

So, yet another example of the 5th paragraph where race and religion are immediately removed because he's not a white Christian.  I had actually thought that the media was upping its game after Trump's big win, but then they pull this PC leftist BS.

I note also that the article comes to his defense stating his family was there in support and that his attitude to ISIS has since changed.  I love it how the media tries to paint this guy who wanted to BLOW UP INNOCENT AUSTRALIANS as some misguided youth who has since seen the light.

Maybe if someone had corrected his course in life BEFORE he planned to kill people for a religious cause.

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