Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Girls teach boys lesson - Herald Sun

Upon reading a copy of the Herald Sun I found lying around (lying being a good choice of words), I came across an article titled "Girls teach boys lesson" which, in the first few paragraphs, summed up how much better girls were doing at schools (99 percent of girls stayed through Year 12 versus only 88 percent of boys).

Information that's hardly a world first or surprising, given the anti-male bias in schools, the media and life in general in Australia.

What's interesting is, despite apparently 99 percent of girls staying in schools, a Dr Ravn (female) has won a $310k grant to study why those tiny 1 percent (could it be less than and just rounded up for the article?) leave because, apparently girls who leave school are more 'at risk'.

So, if the numbers are to be believed, 12 percent of boys don't finish Year 12 vs only 1 percent of girls and this 'Doctor' feels that we as a society need to help the 1 percent more (pun intended).

If we take the percentages at their rounded out figures, that means that 92 percent of the children leaving school are boys and 8 percent are girls, but since the girls are more important we need to focus on them.

Maybe this is sour grapes and a "what about the boys", but clearly the entire schooling system needs to take a good hard look at itself if it is so unappealing to boys that almost 1 in 8 boys can't even stick it out to completion.

It's also very telling how the Herald Sun can simultaneously state that "girls are better than boys" and also celebrate hundreds of thousands of dollars to help them because they need more help.

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