Sunday, December 18, 2016

Woman who killed eight children in 2014 still hasn't been tried / African assault in St Kilda

A few people may remember when a woman by the name of Raina Mersane Ina Thaiday is alleged to have killed eight children (seven of her own, one of someone else).

Interesting how the headline refers to the case by her last name, which wasn't widely released at the time, and the name of the obscure suburb of Cairns in which the incident took place, thus guaranteeing most people wouldn't bother clicking on the link.

Had the article read "Woman who allegedly killed eight children back in court" they would have gotten far more hits, however to news sites the narrative that all women are victims, never perpetrators is more important that hits on a news website.

It's not just HOW the media reports the news that determines whether it is Left or Right, it is WHAT the media reports.  A bit like how if a migrant is verbally abused on public transport it's front-page news and Australians are declared racists, but if 30 migrants assault random people in the street, the stories are tucked away and their identities hidden for the sake of the PC agenda.  Notice how the first article in this story makes NO MENTION of the nationality of the gangs at all, the guys were just set upon by some random gang that could have been white or Asian.

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