Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Polygamist angry gay marriage is legal but polygamy isn't

So, here we have the case of a polygamist being angry that his polygamist 'marriage' isn't recognised when gay marriage is.

I guess all those anti-gay marriage people were right when they said that gay marriage was the first stepping stop to polygamy as it hasn't even been a year since gay marriage become legal and the news is already pushing the polygamy agenda.


  1. many of my polyamory friends were cheering about gay marriage becoming legal in the US for this very reason. they tried to keep quiet about it in the mainstream media but they were secretly working towards this goal all along.

    i used to watch jon stewart ridicule the "slippery slope" argument, while my friends were posting about poly-marriage.

    1. The unfortunate thing is that, once the changes have been made, there's no going back, at least not easily.
      So gay marriage leads to polygamy. Polygamy leads to a lowering of the legal age of marriage. Lowering the legal age of marriage leads to pedophilia.
      The arguments always appear logical at the time:
      Q - Why can two loving men or two loving women get married?
      A - Fair enough, gay marriage now approved.
      Q - Why can homosexuals get married, but I can't marry both of my girlfriends?
      A - Fair enough, polygamy now approved.
      Q - How come gays and polygamous people get married, but I can't marry my 15 year old soul mate?
      A - Ok, younger marriages approved.
      Q - How come there are so many guys marrying 15 year old girls in polygamist relationships? Isn't that pedophilia?
      A - Hey, maybe you're right. Oh wait, it's too late to do anything about it.
      With polygamy, they always seem to forget that, with a roughly 50:50 male to female birth rate (actually slightly more males are born), every wife a man takes in addition to his first leaves another man unable to ever marry. The concept of bare branches (over 20 million more men than women) in China comes to mind.
      In states in the US where polygamy is practiced by some groups, I believe that dumping of excess teenage boys is a problem. Can't have those pesky teenage boys taking any of the best looking girls!